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Jan 9, 2018
Hello all,

I have a 2 and 1/2 year old bantam silkie rooster who was my first chicken and has definitely done a good job. he was acting lethargic, having diarrhea, backed up and just not being himself, after A LOT of research i couldnt find anything so i thought since he has done me good i should re-pay him and take him to the vet. so i took his and he ended up having a Large abscess in his butt which they took out and he was a poop machine that poor guy. they gave us 2 antibiotics and 1 anti-inflammatory to give to him for 2 weeks. they took a stool sample and should have results tomorrow. for once im hoping that he had an infection or something because if the fecal test comes back clean that means that he has a tumor. if he has a tumor we would have to euthanize him because the vet us saying that he wouldn't have a great quality of life because where the incision would be for surgery would be getting dirty constantly which means constant infections. When i first got chickens i thought that i would have connections or get attached but let me tell you something, those things are my babies. Out of all my 4 other family members not one of them can recognize our chickens by name or recognize who is making their bawking sounds except for me. They all have their own personalities and even the ones ive had for 6 months im connected to. i know this probably makes me sound crazy but what can i do, i have animal fever and always will. im in tears right now writing this so i just wanted to ask for thoughts and prayers.

Thank You,


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Apr 10, 2016
Dorchester, NH
Its hard, I had a lot less stress and anxiety before I got back into keeping chickens. I actually got them as a therapy animal, the irony of it all. They really give us a gift during their little lives. A very simple, nothing to guess pleasure about it all. They don't know human emotions and so many times we that keep them apply it to them anyway. It's a feel good. Sometimes with feeling good, comes guilt and for me a few times a sense of failure. A lot of times we don't get to pick the ending of the book, but, its how we write the pages within that book that really matters. He served you well on multiple fronts, from complicated chicken stuff to that very basic, pure minimal emotion of adoration. Thoughts are with you.

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