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  1. cricketofthesea

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    Sep 2, 2011
    I need health advice for our 2-3 month old Speckled Sussex pullet Mina. Watch this video to see whats wrong: http://youtu.be/Fcwacngm6Pk

    not eating, drinking, or active.

    We just noticed her coughing/sneezing (can't tell which) this evening when we let them out to run around. She came out with the others and walked around but we noticed her laying down once or twice and then she just lay in a dark spot up against the house. We brought her in and she's in a crate now. She's holding her head straight out from her body instead of tucking/pulling it in. Holding her beak open some. She's also doing a strange thing where she puts her head out and moves her throat a little. Her head feathers are all fluffed up while her body feathers are not. She won't react normally when you tilt her while holding her, like she doesn't bother trying to stay upright.

    Information About Mina:
    3) Just noticed it this evening when we let them out, but not there to observe today or yesterday.
    4) Everyone else looks healthy
    5) No visible signs of trauma, but she just lost a few feathers on her back probably due to plucking from another chicken.
    6) We haven't changed her routine at all, same food/water/companions
    7) Won't drink water if you dip her beak in it, ignores food
    8) A little messy on her butt so may have had messy poo
    9) We brought her inside and tried to give water
    10) We hopefully will be able to treat her ourselves rather then go to a vet
    12) She is in a 4' x 8' pen with two other chicks, heat lamp, tarp for rain shelter. Temperature is low forties at night a day or two ago, 60-70 in the day right now.

    Never wormed her before.
    No visible discharge from her nostrils/eyes/vent
    No rattling or wheezing when she breaths
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  2. cricketofthesea

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    Sep 2, 2011
  3. BamaSilkies

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    Nov 28, 2011
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    Try doing a search on gapeworms on here.
  4. RedRoosterFarm

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    Take a q-tip and put it down the throat as far as you can and twist it. If it comes up red with a red Y like worm than its gape worm. They stretch their neck out. Could be CRD-MG but I would look at gape first.
  5. dawg53

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    I watched the video. She could possibly have something stuck in her esophagus, maybe her crop. Try giving her a small piece of bread soaked in olive oil and gently massage her esophagus/crop in a downward motion.
  6. cricketofthesea

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    Sep 2, 2011
    Thanks for all your help. We tried the olive oil bread and massaging her crop, couldn't try the q-tip very far, but it was clean at least 1-2 inches down. Her throat feels empty and her crop wasn't all that big. If it's gapeworm would TSC carry anything I could use to treat her? We'll have to hope for the best overnight.
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    She's almost acting like one of my chickens by the name of Ricky and he died shortly after I had video him and posted it on this website. Apparently his problem was he got a piece of grass stuck in his throat, I didn't try the q-tip because I didn't know what to do at that time. Here's his video, of course he was much worst in this video then yours but he started out like yours before he got worst...

    Sorry makes me cry ever time I see this video but hopefully it will help someone... He was my favorite silkie...

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