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    Aug 15, 2014

    Newbie here so please forgive me if theres a thread for this somewhere else.
    Little backstory - we had a broody hen sat on about 9 eggs, we tried moving her away from the other chickens and ducks but she wouldn't have any of it - so we left her to it. A week or two ago, a magpie went and ate one of her eggs and she wouldn't sit back on them. I wasn't quite sure what to do so i borrowed my dads incubator and went from there.

    On monday morning my first egg hatched (some had exploded as were just rotten). The chick seemed small, but otherwise ok. She has been progressively been getting weaker and weaker. She wont move (she's under a brooder with a nice cuddly pom pom). She also won't eat or drink, so I've resorted to giving her a small amount of liquid glucose mixed in with water and syringing it. I also heard raw egg was good and so have also syringed that because she just won't take any scrambled/boiled egg.

    Today when i went to check on the incubator again, i noticed a foul smell - and found an egg opened entirely, with a dead chick just lying there. Im not sure if maybe moving them from the chicken to the incubator has caused this, but I'm really sad that this has happened.

    I just really want to save this little chick and would appreciate any advice.


    Emma Xx

    P.s - I hope its ok to post here as i previously posted on the 'Raising Baby Chicks' Forum but wasn't sure which one to do.


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