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    Some of you my remember that I recently got fired from my job. Well, a week or two after that, my boyfriend got fired from his job! We have money saved up for a vacation we were going to take, so we'll be okay for a few months on our rent. Luckily we had recently bought a 50lb bag of chicken feed, and with only two chickens, it'll last a long time. We also have plenty of high quality cat food since my cat is tiny and she doesn't eat much, enough fish food to last for years and my tortoise's food doesn't cost a lot (about $2.50/bimonthly for enough lettuces and greens to feed her). So all we really have to worry about is people food until we can get new jobs, lol. I'm just very worried that we'll have trouble finding jobs and that an emergency will happen. My boyfriend has health insurance, so he is all set, but I don't and neither do the animals.

    There's also the problem that the house we live in is in foreclosure, and as we rent, we don't know the details of when it will be taken and we'll have to find a new place to live. We know the owner so we have a really nice deal on rent, and she doesn't care what we have as pets. If we were both still working, this would be fine. But now that we're unemployed it's very scary. I'm biting the bullet and looking for a retail job if I have to.

    The reason my boyfriend got fired was really stupid. Basically, they did not give him a reason. He got no warning (even though you're supposed to get 1 written and 1 verbal at the company he worked for before they can fire you.) We believe it was because he had filed for workers comp a few months ago. They have A LOT of their men on workers comp, so when my boyfriend got injured (due to the person he was working with not doing his job right) his boss said "please don't file for worker's comp, I'll find things for you to do around the office that don't involve heavy lifting". My boyfriend was fine with this, however, since his injury was work related, his insurance would not cover doctors visit or medicine, and he certainly did not get paid enough there to do it on his own. So in the end, he did have to do workers comp. 2 days after he signed a paper saying that he no longer needed medical care for his injury, they fired him. Coincidence? Doesn't look like it.
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    Hope things pick up for you, soon.
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    Wow, I hope everything works out for you. I wish you the best of luck. I don't know if Florida is a "right-to-work" state or not, but if the company violated their own policies in firing your boyfriend, they are opening themselves up for a lawsuit. Some states you cannot be fired without cause, but even the states that do not require them to have a "reason" to fire you, do not allow them to violate their own policies. Running an office and a non-profit, I am pretty well versed in these matters. Again, hope all works out for you.
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    hmmm, yes those company practises sound a little fishy to me
    always trying to cut costs

    hope things pick up [​IMG]

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