US Cities with Chicken Ordinances

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    Apr 20, 2015
    I attended a neighboring town's borough council meeting last night to discuss the keeping of BYC. The questions/comments from council were so remedial, negatively biased and ill-informed that an opportunity to engage in a lively forum of back-and-forth was not possible. Might there be a list somewhere that identifies US cities and their respective ordinances for allowing BYC that I might reference for the next meeting?

    We've had Ollie, Dumpling, Peanut, Nugget, Kiwi and Piper for more than a year now. It is more than just getting uber-fresh eggs everyday. Six knucklehead personalities liven up my property and provide for smiles, education and our personal impact on our family's nutritional choices. It's certainly not the only way, but it seems like part of a mentality for purposeful, educated and local sustainability. We enjoy all that we have learned as well here at!
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    Oct 18, 2015
    Sadly that's the story in many places. Too many think chickens will turn your backyard into a barnyard. Or they see the chicken as the gateway animal to be followed by goats and pot bellied pigs! I think the movement is gaining strength though, and soon the powers that be will become more enlightened. Just keep trying. (We had a commission member ask if you needed a rooster to get eggs!)

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