USDA Zones 9 & 10 (and up)

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    I'm interested in eventually moving down to south Florida, and thought that with the thousands of people here on BYC, I (and others) could gain some knowledge about keeping poultry and growing plants in the warmer parts of the country, where frost is an occasional or infrequent visitor, or completely absent. If you're not sure if you live in zone 9 or 10, check here by entering your zip code. I'm hoping that this thread will be evolve into a resource and information-exchange for contending with issues of living in warm-weather zones. Since I'm still in NY, I don't have much to add at the moment, other than asking questions as the thread progresses.

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    Hmmm....9 views, but no responses (as of the time I write this reply)...

    I'm wondering if I have this in the wrong section.

    To my extreme-southern neighbors and fellow BYC'ers in tropical and sub-tropical climates -- please share some of the common concerns, joys, considerations, etc. regarding having poultry and/or gardening in your climate. Are you new to your zone, or did you always live there? If you're new to your zone, what are some of the things you "had to learn fast" once you arrived in your warm-weather area?

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    You'll find the central and south FL far more climate friendly to do both plants and birds. But be warned that the economy is very fragile down there. If you need to work to live, I wish you luck. I had to leave the state because jobs of any quality were so very scarce. I miss it, a LOT! I was in central FL, the gulf coast.
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    Quote:I almost forgot that I started this thread, because until you, no one replied! Thanks!

    Well, as far as work, I'm going to grad school for clinical psychology, hoping to focus on children on the autism spectrum, and I know that there is a big center of research and practice in the Miami area. So I'm hoping that when I've completed my studies, I'll be able to transfer down to that area and get settled. THEN....start looking for a home with some land in the homestead/redland area......

    But I posted this thread for people who live in the warmer areas and issues they face, trying to cut across state and country boundaries and unite solely by climate. I guess I'd be better off going to the threads based on more specific regions....oh, well, I've got years before it applies to me.


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