Used 1583 Hova Bator incubator (wafer thermostat model)


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Sep 14, 2008
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Up for bids is a well-used Hova Bator 1583 (wafer thermostat model) incubator. I use this one as my hatcher and it works great

These are nothing like the Little Giant wafer thermostat incubators, the 1583 is very easy to adjust and holds temp and humidity very well. I have 2 table-top hova bators and I love them. The only reason I'm selling this one is because I'm wanting to make a cabinet-style incubator and I need money for the heat element and thermostat. That, and I won't need this one once I get the cabinet incubator done.

This is for 1-Hova Bator 1583 (wafer thermostat model) forced-air incubator with the large picture window without the turner. Shipping is via USPS parcel post or priority mail--your choice.

Shipping would be approximately 7 days after the end of the auction, but could be up to 14 days. I cannot send this incubator until I have my cabinet-bator made, since I use this as my hatcher. Plus, I need to clean it up pretty good, it's kind of dusty right now. Also, if you chose to use the cheaper USPS parcel post shipping, that service can take up to 10 days for arrival. Priority Mail should take 2-3 days but is more expensive.

I will clean this incubator very well and spray with an Oxine solution to kill any bacteria. However, since it has been used quite a lot, there may be some stains on the styrofoam.

The winning bidder will be kept informed of estimated shipping date. Please let me know which shipping service you desire (USPS Parcel Post or Priority Mail) so I can figure the correct shipping amount. I do have a hovabator box that I'll use to send this in, though I believe the box actually belongs to my 1588.
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