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  1. We are getting a manufactured home placed on some land and our contractor is one of those guys that knows everyone and gets a shot at all sorts of handy things that other folks are getting rid of. Well he got a used chicken coop and dropped it at the new property for me to decide on.

    It looks to only be about 3' x 6' or so which is too small but I can pretty easily add to it. My real question is since it is a used coop, will I need to spray it with something to be sure it's safe for my new flock? Would a through new interior paint job help?

    I haven't seen it in person yet, (planning on having a look this coming weekend) so it might all be moot depending on the condition and price, but how long would an empty coop have to be empty to be considered safe for me to start a batch of fluff-butts in?

    Given it's small size and that fact it's used, is it worth messing with? IF nothing else it could be a quarantine coop for further down the line.

    Thanks for all your help in advance.

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    I would definetly keep it if it’s free or reasonably priced, an extra coop or two are always helpful!
  3. 3x6 sounds very small indeed. But if you want to keep chickens how about building something of substantial size and durability and keeping the small one as an isolation or brooding coop?
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    You never know with used stuff. Could have Marek's Disease in it. That stuff can live for years in dander and on surfaces. Just depends on how paranoid you are. I personally am extremely paranoid and would never use someone else's coop. :sick:oops:
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    Indeed...and 3x6 is tiny, probably one of those pre-fab dollhouse coop/run combos.
    Pests and diseases are definitely a concern.
    I think Virkon kills everything, including mareks..... @Texas Kiki knows.
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  7. Heh, looking at the one picture we have, it looks much more like an out-house.
  8. Virkon, thanks guys!
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  10. I'd love to but our android phones are not getting along with out computers right now. Picture an old fashioned out-house missing the half-moon but with a pop-door.

    We're going down to check the new place out this weekend and I'll have another go at getting some pictures of the new house and the old coop.

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