used redwood incubator has strong amonia smell - any way to get rid of


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Jun 17, 2010
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I have a used Leahy 624 and I think mice were living in it. I scrubbed all trays with bleach and wiped down the inside of the incubator, but there is a strong smeall of amonia, after I've had it on for a while. Is there anything else I can use to try and get it out? Should I be worried about putting eggs in there with the amonia smell?
You used bleach, hence the amonia smell.. a good airing out usually takes care of that..

I would not put eggs in there if you can still smell amonia..

sprinkle some baking soda on a plate and put it in there if the airing out does not get rid of all the smell..
Bleach wouldn't smell like ammonia..mice urine could though. I would leave it out in bright sunshine and fresh air. That disinfects and removes odors naturally. If its wood and it absorbed alot of mouse urine I don't think it would come out.
some bleaches have amonia in them,, they do smell like amonia..

edit: I got my smells mixed up.. It was chlorine that I meant to say.. my wife straightened me out on this..
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Chlorine + mouse urine = Chloramines. The stinky stuff given off by pools that smells like chlorine, but is triggered when a disinfectant does its job at breaking down strong oily, fatty, chemicals. Try washing with a vinegar solution, 3 prts water to one white vin, it is an acid that will neutralize many organics by breaking them down. Rinsing with salt water on wood and clear flush may be of some value, but the salt may have long term effects on metal parts.

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