Using a cup of water to raise humidity??


12 Years
Mar 8, 2008
Filling the bottom trays in my LG brings the humidity to around 45%...I was thinking, I have several small 2 oz glass jars. Filling one of these with warm water and setting it under the fan. Anyone tried this to get the humidity up?
Anything that increases effective surface area of water will raise humidity so that would work if they have big surface area and are not cutting down on other surface area when placing them in.
what would be better? a bowl of water or a dish? I have to raise my humidity up for the duck eggs. and what would put out more humidity? a dishtowel or sponge?
Well I can miss the water troughs when I set it in. Actually my humidity is only around 37%-45% with the water troughs filled. I was thinking something small to raise the humidity on up to around 50% them something larger to get it to around 70%....Dont know if its just me but I have never seen a styrofoam bator thats keep proper humidity with just the troughs filled:/
Might be your location which makes it hard to keep humidity up in the bator. The relative humidity here is 82% right now so keeping it up in the bator is easy. Increasing the humidity outside the bator too can help with keeping it high in the bator. Doesn't matter the shape of what you put in, just the surface area.
It may well be. Its cold and wet here right now. Wont be a problem in the in the summer. Humidity is rediculous in the summer here. I burn wa lot of wood as well. That saps a lot of humidity out of the air.
Your weather is alittle like mine here in WV, we use a wood burning stove in the LR for extra heat too and that drys out a house......I keep a humidifer or childrens cool vaporizer running in the kitchen where I keep the incubator...

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