Using a dog house as a coop for a couple birds. Total cost-175?

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    Jan 23, 2009
    Hey guys, I found an awesome doghouse the other day and turned it into my summer coop- we are going to have to find a new house this summer anyways so I will deal with a winter one later. I kinda bought another duck...(again) Any ways it looks like cedar but it is fir wood, they have a couple different styles of color in store. I paid 129.00 and then a discount for the 45.5 x 33 x 33 high one with dark trim and roof- we will be giving it a high quality paint job this summer to match the house and so that the roof is light for sun absorption. Okay, the roof just screws on- so I put three large hinges across the back and now have a roof that lifts up. I do wish I had put them on the roof first so I could make sure it went back as far as I wanted, currently it only goes to just past straight up and I had to add a kickstand type board on a screw connected to lid. I also wish I would have added another layer of plywood as the roof was not designed to handle moving so much, will go back and redo that later. Next- the floor is slats there is space between and they come in 3 pre assembled pieces. Since they are finished with a slick stuff I just did not screw them down so I can remove and spray down later when needed. I put a 3" board across the bottom of the doorway and took two sheets of the clear vinyl for upholstery (the thickest stuff at walmart- like 2.00 ln foot, I need exactly 1 ln foot and just folded it in half) I took a board, screwed the plastic vinyl to the board and then screwed the board into the inside above the door. I then put alot of random slits into the vinyl hoping to cut the draft like the igloo door covers do. I bought a 5.00 veggie and fruit basket at Micheals craft store and then put it inside for them, I also bought a poultry feeder made for alot of chickens- it is tall and narrow and self fills. I then put lots of pine shavings inside along with dried grasses and stuff into the basket I decided to use as a nesting box and plan to take two closet rod holders (the circular things) and install a roost on it. Being a wee bit over 2.5 foot wide I think the girls (2) will have enough room, the roost is going to be a real branch. My husband has happily cut walnut, oak, poplar, cedar and fir branches down with his new chainsaw all day. Any one know which would be best for that application?

    What I wish I would have done differently- built a frame beforehand on the run itself (not mentioned here) I just used heavy duty cattle or something fencing and made a giant box thing with 12" flaps like the eglu to keep out critters. I am glad it moves with how big it is easily but sure do wish I had a frame to grab onto. I wish the run was tall enough for the kids to go into, it is 2.5" tall and they are already quite sad about staying out. I wish I had insulated the inside but since it is only for this summer and fall I guess oh well. I wish I had offset the hinges more to make for better access. I wish I had put a real door on it as well and likely still will. Critters worry me way too much. I wish I had installed a box on the exterior for the nest to leave more room inside for a full length roost lengthwise. I wish I had a silky too though eh. Oh and I want to put straw or hay under and around the exterior till it is not cold anymore. here is the dog house I bought, I liked that the door was offset for this application mainly.
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    Sounds like a great idea! I have a doghouse in the sectioned-off part of my run for my chicks that are growing out. It works great!
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    Our local Agway has nice dog houses (I think they are Amish made) that I had often times considered for an additional coop. You already state that you'll be painting this one once the weather gets nicer... So hopefully your finances will allow you to get an additional building going come this Summer when weather permits.

    As I have learned from our own experience, as you get involved in this addicting hobby you find ways to make things happen. We already have one very nice coop our neighbor helped us build last year and now we have 6 bantam cochin chicks that are 6 weeks old and the apple of our eye. We don't want to put our existing chickens and the babies all into our current coop, so we have scrimped and saved to contract a builder to build us a really swell coop. One we can walk into to service with a run that is real large that we can also walk into to clean...

    You'll get it going. Meanwhile your children will have the joy of their new loving friends. Be patient it will all come to you in good time.
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    Aug 28, 2008
    Durham, NC
    My GSD likes his and I don't think he will share with the chickens.

    That is a very good dog house and we have two of them for the dogs but I never thought of using one for chickens.

    Good idea:)
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    Sep 10, 2008
    I have the same dog house and I converted it into a coop last year. I have 5 hens and they use it year round... I live in Northern California. I built nest boxes on the side... works out pretty well. I am planning on building a new one this summer. I think I need a higher roof inside since my birds are large. (3 barred rocks, 1 buff orpington and one polish).
    Good luck!
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    I use some doghouses in my grow-out pens and also in my duck pen....but I just use the cheap molded "plastic" ones.

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