Using Gasoline to cure scaly leg mites on silkies???


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Nov 13, 2015
I acquired a trio of silkies Monday and I have them in quarantine from the rest of my large flock. I keep debating if their feet scales just look rough or if they may have a mild case of scaly foot mites. I had a huge problem with the pests 15 years ago (toes were lost) and I do not wish to ever have it in my flock ever again! It was very hard to beat!

I wish to do a cautionary treatment of their feet and thought to myself "there has to be an easier way that the weeks of vasaline" and I found a 3 day method using gasoline would you recommend this method for birds with feathers on their feet?
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gasoline burns! have you ever gotten it in a cut on your hand! OUCH!!

i would go with woodash/DE in their dust bath personally
Their feet are not cracked and bloody, the scales just seem rough, so I don't think it would cause much discomfort. Further research online is telling me the feathered feet are not a problem and so I may try this on the hen I am reselling after quarantine and see how it goes.
I have seen that method mentioned as well but I have seen warning against it coming in contact with feathered areas which is what actually prompted this post.
I used this method with a NN Turken who I rescued and had a terrible case of leg mites. She is very flighty and nervous so we decided that the least amount of handling was the best. She had a limp due to the mites and after this treatment the scales started to fall off and her limp was gone! She didn't seem like the gasoline was burning but I do know it worked fast and she felt better very quickly.
dipped 2 birds and IT DID NOT GO WELL. The gas did not dry from their feathers near as fast as I expected AND WITHIN MINUTES THEY BECAME SUBDUED IN NATURE AND THEN TIPSY AND FAINT. I quickly washed them with Dawn detergent and put them in the sun to dry but then saw they were shivery so I blow dried them most of the way dry and have them back in the sun and I dearly hope they are just shivering and do not have twitchy brain damage from the fumes.

Bad bad bad.
Oh dear! I hope they recover! Did you dip the entire bird in gasoline? I just did each leg at a time and then wiped them down and dried any leg feathers that got wet. I put the Vaseline on right after and watched her to make sure she didn't pick at her feathers that came in contact with the gasoline.

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