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Didn't know where to put this but thought this might be the best place.I ordered some anti pick bits from Mcmurry Hatchery for some of my qual and pheasants,I have been loosing about 10 quail a day because of them picking at each other so ordered the bits,they should have been here the 24th and still have not recieved them.I tracked the package and it was picked up by USPS from MM but shows it has not gone anywhere after being picked up by USPS.I called MM and the local post office and they have the same thing showing when they track it.does anyone think i can file a claim against the post office for the birds i have been loosing since the day i should have had them?I have around 300 quail and get $5 apiece for them and $12 for the pheasants.Mike
The lingering lack of responses should tell you something.

"does anyone think i can file a claim against the post office for the birds i have been loosing . . ."


Answer. No.

I'll not editorialize at length. I'll just say that life happens. The Postal Service has no more to do with your chicks pecking at each other than with the price of tea in China. They are not exposed to any liability because you chose to do something about the problem, with the solution involving using them as the carrier. Even on insured parcels, liability is limited to the value of the shipped goods, not to ancillary damages. They do not take over losses resulting from the behavior of your birds beginning with the anticipated day of delivery.

It's life.
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Very well said
Maybe you can separate your birds until you can resolve your lost package? I agree that the USPS cannot be held accountable for your lost birds, but hopefully if you can separate them you can lower future losses until you find the shipment, or find another solution. Dog crates, small animal cages, cat carriers, cardboard boxes with holes, chicken wire separator walls within the coop- all of these could keep your birds apart and hopefully save some lives. Sorry for your losses
The apparent lack of tracking is normally due to another carrier such as UPS transporting the package. The USPS contracts with UPS to carry some of their mail from the origin to the destination post office for delivery, especially the really cheap rate ones. So since the USPS isn't actually in control of the package, the USPS can't scan the package. I've seen plenty of late deliveries resulting in this practice and the lateness itself is of course blamed on the post office when its UPS that is fudging things up.

The "tracking" number you have does not guarantee Tracking, it's intended use is only for proof that it was mailed and of when it arrived.

You can't make a claim unless the package is insured, and it has to be over a certain value to be insured at all. Even then, you'd have to give the package and it's contents to the post office and wait ... and wait.. for your money, if you ever get it. The consequences of a late package cannot be the basis of any claim.

- Retired USPS employee.
It is kind of hard to separate 300 quail and 100 pheasants,I break them down to 20 to a cage and they still pick each other.MM is only about 50 miles away from me,guess next time I will just drive to get what I need instead of trusting the post office.I am 40 years old and have had my own business for all most 20 years and have had more troubles with USPS then i can count on 2 hands.
We ship parts for a living. USPS is less than reliable. We sent one package from here (MN) to CT. It took 6 weeks! Our customer finally contacted us when they got their parts. Said from the looks of the postmarks it had been around the country 3 times... I'd drive the 50 miles myself rather than depend on the USPS.
Still haven't gotten them.Just talked to the post master and he said that by looking at the tracking number and tracking it that they NEVER left MM.So i just got off the phone with MM and they said that they shipped them but would cancel my order and if I get them they will be free.Hardly free when I have lost around 200 quail at $5 each so $1000 worth of quail in a week just because i didn't get my $10 worth of bits.Screw MURRAY MCMURRAY Hatchery!

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