USPS dropped the ball,..:-(

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    May 16, 2008
    West Virginia
    A good while back I placed an order for day old chicks through MM hatchery. I have always ordered my chicks from them and NEVER had any issues. They were supposed to arrive either Monday or Tuesday of this week,...they never came,...[​IMG] I called the PO yesterday morning to make sure they didn't come in,..and yes they knew since last week I was expecting them. Their answer was no,..they were not there. So I called MM hatchery, chicks were shipped on Saturday and nobody seems to know what happened to them! I really expected to get a call this morning to come and pick up a box of DOA chicks at the PO,..but nothing. MM hatchery was real nice about the situation and refunded all my money,..even shipping costs. I assured them that I understood it wasn't their fault, that the USPS had really dropped the ball on this one. So beware fellow chicken lovers,..its not always the hatchery at fault. I hope someone stole them and took them home and fed them and kept them warm,...I can't bare the thought of the little things starving and getting chilled and dying...[​IMG] I will never order chicks through the mail again,...I will hatch my own.
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    [​IMG] oh no that is aweful, I am so terrified, mine are supposed to ship next week and our post office is terrible! I just recently had egg drama, but I think my eggs are going to be ok. I wish that one of the other shippers would do live chicks. I am tired of paying huge amounts of shipping to the usps to be told that a package marked fragile, call upon arrival at the post office, that the delivery person didn't call and tried to cram the box in the mailbox, was my problem. If you don't get insurance we treat you packages like dirt. Anyhow so sorry for this! I really hope somebody stole them and they at least have a new home.[​IMG]
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    Apr 13, 2010
    Berlin, NY
    Is there a Tractor Supply store need you? They are selling chicks right now. I got my pullet chicks there last year and they are all still doing well. But I have to admit hatching your own is the best. I am doing it right now. They are due to hatch on April 5th. I have never mail ordered chick before. I was thinking about it but after what happened to you I am rethinking it. I hope for the chicks sake the where stolen and not lost. [​IMG]
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    Aug 9, 2010
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    I have gotten live chicks a couple of times at two different POs, and both times I got the feeling from the PO that they were very careful and respectful of the babies.

    I think it is the rare person who doesn't care about a life. Those boxes look so different that I don't see how they could just get mixed up or lost. I do not work for the Post Office, but it seems unlikely those boxes are just processed the same as all the others. I would love to hear from someone who has inside knowledge of how the PO handles shipments of live chicks.

    I think someone likely took it, also. Why or how, no idea, but it seems really unlikely to me that the PO would just misplace a box full of peeping chicks.

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    Jan 29, 2011
    Wish me luck - my first-ever batch of peeps are due to arrive at the local PO tomorrow. Today I dropped off a notice about them to the PO and the person behind the counter seemed okay about it but heard from someone else on our local chicken forum that a nearby PO delivered their peeps without calling first, then tried to shake them down for a $30 CASH "delivery fee" before he would take them out of the delivery truck. It appeared to be an isolated incident here in the City and the person complained to the local PO and got their money back, but it still sucks to know someone would try something like that.
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    Aug 9, 2010
    Fountain, Colorado
    Quote:Wow, that's bad, do you live on the east coast (just askin')?

    I have picked both mine up at the PO (PO calls me when they come in) and the folks there seem glad to get rid of them ASAP!
  7. Up-the-Creek

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    May 16, 2008
    West Virginia
    I hate the whole situation,...I feel like I have chick blood on my hands. They would have never been done that way if I hadn't had to have them. I know,..sounds dumb,..but I hate needless suffering of anything. They had a delivery conf. number on them, shows they were shipped in MN,...the number shows nothing else. The people at our local PO are really nice and never would do any chicks any harm,...small town and we all know each other,..I believe they never made it to my state,....I really hope somebody just took them,...I have plenty of babies,..I did make a trip to TSC and bought 12 EE's and I have hatched some bantams from a friends chickens,..but I ordered Partridge rocks and Delawares from the hatchery and they are kind of hard to get around here,...but I will get me some eggs from someone and hatch some in the bator,...a local someone that I won't have to ship through the USPS. I am done with them,...I will be keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of you expecting shipments. [​IMG]
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    Aww, I'm really sorry to hear about that! [​IMG] I just got more ducklings this morning, now I feel like hugging them. Not literally, but ya know. I'm lucky to have an awesome post office. They always love when I get chicks so that they can oggle over them.
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    Apr 15, 2009
    Any new news?
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    Mar 23, 2011
    La Mirada,CA
    man sorry to here about that that must really suck my post office used to be like with me but they got so many complaints about them not giving me my stuff on time they call me first thing in the morning or i get my package first thing in the morning

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