USPS is alright in my book


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Apr 4, 2009
Eastern North Carolina
From me to all the USPS folks on here and all the ones that aren't- please pass this on. You all do a great job and THANK YOU.

We got our pair of peafowl in from Texas this morning. They got here in fine shape, they were shipped Tuesday afternoon and got to our local PO last night/this morning. The PO called us just a few minutes after 7am to let us know they were there. Great folks and always very helpful.

Steve in NC
My husband will be happy to read this (He's a mailman!)
Hi! USPS has mostly done a great job zipping my fragile and perishable boxes along to their destinations.
There is no way I could deliver them personally for what they charge.
I'm not brave enough to trust them with 'live animals' yet, though.

I am very impressed with my USPS! I have had two shipments of live birds, no problems, birds arrived just fine. I did have a little situation on the second shipment. One person was going to stay late for me to pick them up. Second person said no way had to be by 5:00 pm. My son picked them up for me (pay back for all the times I drove 2 hours to pick him up! I would ship anything through USPS! you guys rock! Theresa
We were nervous for a long time ourselves from hearing all the horror stories. Then we started doing some research and everybody said pretty much the same thing, "check out your breeder". Makes sense to get somebody that does it alot.

Once I had a shipment of eggs come on an afternoon truck into the post office. My mail lady had already delivered the day's mail, but the lady at the post office saw that the box said "Live Embryos" and "Fragile, hatching eggs" and didn't want them to just sit there. So she looked my phone number up in the phone book and called me to ask if I wanted to pick them up. That goes above and beyond in my book!

My local post office rocks!
I live in a small little zip code and the lone lady at the post office knows who I am when I walk into the Post Office. I always wall her when I expecting a delivery from the hatchery. It's great fun for the postal carriers to hear the little birds chirping in the box.

I ran into my across the way neighbor the day I took delivery of my peachicks. She knew I got a delivery of chicks that morning because she bought stamps at the Post office and heard the chirping (the really nice post mistress keeps them near her under her counter so she can watch over them). She asked if they were mine as I had shared with her that I was excited my delivery of peachicks. I had ordered them in February and did not get them until June. The neighbors hear my roo and sometimes my flock of turkeys migrate their way before I shepard them back home.

When that happens I shower the receiver of turkey fertilizer with chicken eggs.

It's nice to live in a small town.

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