usps rates increase again

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    Unfortunately, its a sign of the times. [​IMG]
  4. The post office is the classic example of a Government run business. Now it's half a welfare work program. I have friends and family that work and retired from the P.O. and they all say they should have cut back to 3 or 4 days along time ago. But no one wants to be the one to layoff a bunch of workers. If they had started a long time ago they wouldn't of had to layoff people, they could have done the cuts through retirement. Even now their just talking about closing Saturdays, and they'll have to talk about it for a few more years.
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    I was wondering why they want Saturdays off for? I mean it seams like they have every other Monday off (I know they actually don't but it seams that way sometimes...). Here in Indiana they needed to cut hours at the license branches, so after much discussion our Governor closed it on Mondays because they had so many off for federal holidays anyhow, made several employees mad because their 2 day weekend wasn't the traditional Saturday/Sunday it was Sunday/Monday and they never had all those extra days off most of the rest of us working people usually work anyhow..... I think it's funny how some people feel entitled to stuff that most of us don't get to begin with. I have worked retail for almost 20 years holidays and weekends are part of the deal. health care workers, utility workers, farm workers and many other jobs are up and running 24/7/365 that is the new work environment for most of the USA any more unless you work at what's left of our crumbling factory infrastructure or Uncle Sam......
  6. By doing away with Saturday mail delivery they would save millions of dollars. They could still have the offices open for customers, but they should cut back 2 or 3 days of home delivery. The USPS lost almost 16 billion of taxpayers dollars last year.
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    But wouldn't the savings be about the same if it were closed on monday instead? as I previously posted they are closed many mondays already.....
  8. You don't have to close the office, just cut back mail delivery to 3 days a week. They would bring in the same amount of money but cut their cost way down.
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    less service would look to me like it would make them loose customers 3 days of delivery=fewer customers.....

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