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    Jun 2, 2011
    Salt Lake City
    Hello all!
    South Salt Lake is in the process of legalizing chickens! Don't tell them I already have a brooder full of four week old pullets and a coop *ahem, that's a garden shed, never-mind the nest boxes and roost*
    We've wanted chickens for years now, and only this year was able to complete enough projects to finally get to building the coop. We are already addicted to the eggs, I have two cousins with chickens, and we belong to an egg co-op that -almost- keeps up with our demand.
    Winters get cold here, so I selected cold-hardy breeds: S L Wyandotte, Gold Sex-Link, RIR and an Australorp.
    Pics of my girls and coop will follow soon.
    Thanks for providing such a great community!

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