"V" Last episode next week!


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Next Tuesday is the final episode for this season....what a ripoff, it just started the new season the second week in January...I wonder if the next season will be in September or next January? Grrrrrrrrrr. I hope Anna gets hers next week and I certainly dont trust Diana. Big mistake showing her the 5th column members.
Last year was a short season too. It stinks I think. I'm just kinda curious about Father Jack. He seems to be seperating from the group
Maybe in the next episode Anna will have another emotional breakdown like she did last year. It would serve her right
OH MY GOSH... Cyn watches "V" !?!?

I'm amazed, shocked, and impressed all at the same time! Now I'm totally wondering what else Cyn watches that would surprise me. LOST? Fringe?


We watched the first season of V but it just didn't do a lot for us. I vividly remember the original miniseries and show. They showed them all about a month before the new series started and I watched them again. What's crazy is:

1) I realized I was only 8 when they were originally showing
2) I couldn't believe how much stuff was in there that was inappropriate for an 8 year old to watch
3) Where the heck were my parents!?!? I know for SURE they wouldn't have let me watch it, so either they just didn't know I was watching it, or my babysitters (probably older siblings) were terrible or even watching it with me?

(Ok Cyn, we gotta have a private pm session)

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