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  1. GardienneWings

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    I have approximately a dozen Exchequer Leghorn chicks hatched this week available at $7 each.

    My boxes hold 25 so I can combine the order with chicks from my other purebred pens: White Leghorn, Dominique, Buff Orpington, or BBS standard Cochins @ $4 ea
    A few Black or Blue true Ameraucana chicks available @ $7 ea

    Local Pickup is preferred, but I can ship Express Mail. Shipping is at cost + $6 per box for the box. 2 Boxes can be taped together to save money on shipping more than 25.

    Please contact me with the quantity you want and your zip code and I will verify I have them and estimate shipping before payment.

    Payment methods accepted are Paypal or Money Order.

    Photos of my adults are a couple years old, taken when they were young, I will try to get some more recent ones. Exchequer Chicks sold from my pens have been raised and shown successfully by others even though I don't show.
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    Oct 26, 2011
    where are you i want exch chicks im in woodstock,va
  3. GardienneWings

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    We are half way between Warrenton and Fredericksburg off of Rt 17. I could meet you in Warrenton, I think that would be closest way over the mountains for you.
  4. GardienneWings

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    Shipping would be $40 Express mail. I do not have any available at the moment but I do have eggs in the bator.

  5. GardienneWings

    GardienneWings Chillin' With My Peeps

    Depending on how things hatch, most likely May 14th or 21st.

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