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    May 23, 2008
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    We are now taking orders for shipped chicks. I have 4 spots available.
    This is for Hatchers Choice which can include Light Brahmas, Giant Partridge Cochins, Silver Laced Wyandotte (show quality hens) and Blue Laced Red Wyandotte (BARBER LINES). These are all heavy breeds, good layers and docile birds. This is for 25 chicks hatchers choice and straight run. You get what is hatched. Extras if available. I can let you know the date your hatch is set and they will be shipped 21 days later. Please allow up to two weeks for your hatch to be set. Please view our website for pictures of the breeds listed. Please keep in mind that we are privet breeders and cannot guarantee the livability of your chicks in shipping. We will add orange/lemon wedges and some feed to keep them during shipping. I am in Virginia. I would not recommend having me ship to the west coast. I will not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or any other country. It is your responsibility to know your state’s laws for shipping birds. I can set your order and payment will be due withing one week of hatch, Paypal or Money Order.

    $115 with priority shipping included.

    Non Hatchery stock, wonderful birds!! Add some beautiful color to your yard and enjoy these birds for years to come.
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