Vacation - House Swap for small flock chicken owners

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    I was thinking it will be great to house swap with other chicken owners who have 1 to 6 chickens for example. I don't know how to evaluate that the house swappers are good house swappers yet? I was thinking, maybe military, law enforcement folks who want to house swap? I don't know yet, but people do it.

    I would love to go to Portland, Oregon or Seattle, WA for a week or so.

    I would love to go to Napa, Forestville, or Geurneville, CA for 3-4 nights.

    I would go to North Lake tahoe or nice nature like area around there for 3-4 nights (california/nevada)

    Has anyone done this? We have a greyhound dog who lives indoors and one cat (indoor/outdoor) too. We always have someone stay at our house when we leave town, I am not comfortable leaving them even one night. NOW, that we added 4 chickens to our family, I need to think creatively. I really don't trust a non chicken owner to clean out their house properly and keep a close eye while they free-range in the yard.

    We are building a 9 foot by 16 foot pen for them to stay in when we are not home, so that is an option for a vacation situation, although I prefer they free range some every day.

    Anyone else out there who likes the idea of a home swap for vacation?

    My husband would be the one to determine if he felt comfortable swapping with another family. We live a mile from the beach and 10 minutes from Carmel, CA, 15 minutes from Pebble Beach - 17 mile drive, 10 minutes from Pacific Grove, and 10 minutes or less from Cannery Row. Carmel Valley has a lot of wine tasting - great wines - that's about 20 minutes away.

    Let me know your thoughts, chicken friends ;)

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