Vaccanate for Marek's

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    Mar 19, 2013
    When one buys day old chicks from breeder or farm store are they vaccinated at that time or is the purchaser responsible for that? Also, where do you get the vaccine for that?

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    farmstore - definitely not usually vaccinated. Ask the store manager, but unless the state laws mandate they aren't going to pay the extra $$ to have them vaccinated probably.
    Hatchery - many give you the option to have your chicks vaccinated for 10-50 cents each. but your responsibility to choose so when ordering.
    Breeder - their discresion. Some breeders vaccinate any and all chicks that they hatch, others only hatch what they are keeping, and many never vaccinate. So ask the breeder if they vaccinate, only way to find out.

    So it is up to you and your responsibility. The vaccine is relatively cheap, it can be found online just google "mareks vaccine" - the expensive part ist he shipping. Look up instructional videos on how to split the wafers (dry vaccine) into 4, to make your money and the vaccine go farther because once the dry vaccine is activated (by mixing with the solution) you have to use it immediately or it goes sterile (no good) within an hour or two.
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