Vaccinated chicken with presumptive Marek's

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    I want to know if anyone else has had this issue. So I have had three of my girls die in the last five weeks. The first was a surprise and happened very fast. The second was also fast and the third was sick for over two weeks before I decided that she was in pain and took her to be euthanized. The second and third were sent to the lab here at UC Davis for necropsy. My one little silkie who died (the second) seems to have choked while chowing down on crumble while brooding. BUT the preliminary findings on my Barnevelder pullet (number three) are presumptive MAREK"S! She came from Ideal and was supposedly vaccinated. I know that the vax cannot prevent infection but it does prevent tumor formation which is the cause of death in the disease. They found tumors in her heart, ovaries and skeletal muscle. I am guessing that she was vaccinated incorrectly but I am just curious if anyone else has had issues like this. My first pullet that died had very similar symptoms as the third but she didn't last more than tree days after I discovered that something was off. Both had unilateral paralysis (from tumors in the skeletal muscle), both were eating and drinking fine but their balance and coordination was off. The first pullet I lost was from McMurray and also supposedly vaccinated. Am I totally stricken with awful luck or does this happen often? So far, the rest of my flock is alright (knocking on wood) but this has been a roller coaster ride.
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    Quote:Did you buy the birds vaccinated or did you buy them from someone who said they thought they were vaccinated. You have to pay extra for vaccination.

    It is true that a vaccinated bird can get it, but I would think highly unlikely for a bird vaccinated with the rispens form of vaccine the hatcheries have.
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    I vaccinate for Mareks and had a few sick birds last year. I brought them to WSU for testing. 1 had Mareks and 1 did not. I asked why because I vaccinate. The vet said that 5% can still get Mareks after vaccinating them. I was floored! She opened the birds up and one that had Mareks had tummors everywhere and the other was fine. I now have them checked when I loose one and think it might be Mareks. I can usually tell by the eyes and how they kinda slant or look almond shaped. My biggest problem is parisites and not Mareks. Good luck!

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