vaccinated chicks-okay to go outside


12 Years
Apr 13, 2011
Cape Cod
my chicks are 1 week old. They were vaccinated at birth at the hatchery. I have
NOT been giving them medicated feed. I am assuming it is okay to let them out into their
run area for a few minutes each day until it is time for them to go out there permanently.
Is this all correct... sound okay?? Thanks
Hi capebird..I'm a new chicken owner, so not sure if I can be a great help. I have 4 chicks, 1 is 3 1/2 weeks and 3 are 1 week. I hatched them, so they haven't been vaccinated. I don't have any other chickens. I do feed them medicated chick starter. Anyway....a couple of days ago, I started taking the chicks to the garden for about an hour or so, just to give them a little field trip from the brooder box. They love it! I have a garden area that is enclosed, away from dogs, other birds and anything else that might get them! My coop and run are still construction in progress. Just me & my coffee and a little chick watching!
It is great fun! And they really love it! It's funny too to see their reactions to wind, distant train noises. Then they started figuring out the dirt bath and if I hadn't already read up on it, I would have thought they we going into convulsions!
Temps are around 80 here in the morning so they don't get cold. I stay with them though just in case...well, and because I'm obsessed with them too

All medicated feed prevents is cocci. They are absolutely fine to go outside to run around and act like chickens! They are very hardy little things.

We don't vaccinate or give medicated feed. By 2 weeks old, our chicks are outside day and night.
thanks for the input and suggestions. I took them outside yesterday...but kept them in the
brooder cage.... but it was fun to introduce them to the "great outdoors". I've got my run
and coop built and I'd like to let them spend some time in the run so they get introduced to
their eventual new home.... but was concerned or hesitant to do so ....being not fully educated
about the cocci or mareks (and not having them on medicated feed but although they have been

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