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Aug 24, 2010
We are a small flock and a wide variety of chicks from silkies, wyandottes, rhode islands, polish, frizzles and we think some cross breeds that no one is really sure of yet. Anyway we have gotten most from a local auction and of course you can never tell what you are getting. We have had some that got bubbles in eyes and runny noses, tried many things and finally we keep a bottle of tylan on hand and do one time a day for three days in sub q when we see symptons. My concern is having to do this repeatedly, chickens getting sick then well then sick etc and what can be done for this? Is there a general vaccine that I can get and give to all my chicks and any new ones I get in the future or do you have to vaccine for specific illness?? Thanks for your help..


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Mar 31, 2009
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I am not aware of vaccines against respiratory illness. (I could be wrong, but i'm not aware.)

You can vaccinate against fowl pox, and Marek's vaccines are usually done right at hatch, (i think).

If you already know the following, fine, i'm just being cautious.....please know that those chickens with the bubbly eyes and runny noses are probably carrying a contagious disease that they will always carry. Your whole flock is probably now exposed if those sick ones were not immediately separated. Because of this, many folks immediately cull birds showing respiratory symptoms like you described. If you choose to keep your flock as is, please do not ever let any new, healthy birds in, and do not sell any. Yours are likely carriers and will make other flocks ill.

They cycle you describe, wherein the chickens get well and then sick and then the cycle of a bird with a contagious respiratory disease.

I'm very sorry someone sold you sick birds.

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