Vaccinating Chickens ???

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    Jan 12, 2007
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    After way to many cases of Fowl Pox last year I decided to vaccinate my new Americaunas before I put them out with the rest of the flock.

    So I bought Poxine and was ready to do it when I realized I wasn't very certain about the method of delivery.

    It says to use the Wing Web Method.

    OK what in the heck is that?

    Also after I purchased the vaccine I found out that I can't store it once I mix it, so I have 10,000 doses for 8 chicks ( I may vacinate my remaining 3 5 month old Bourbon Red turkeys also). Oh well Live and learn.

    One more question.

    Everything I've read only mentions Chickens and Turkeys in connection with Fowl Pox. Do ducks get it also, and can I use the vaccine on them as well?


    Bob D. in FL.
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