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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Siler, Jul 22, 2010.

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    Jan 25, 2010
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    Ok I have 9 hens and 2 roosters. All have been "vaccinated" when I purchased them from their feed stores. I bought them all from 3 different stores and they were all listed as already being vaccinated. Now I have 3 eggs setting under a broody hen. I am unsure if they will hatch yet or not, but if/when they do would I have to vaccinate for Mareks? Without know exactly what my others have been vaccinated for what would I know to vaccinate them for? Would Mareks be the only thing I would have to vaccinate them with?

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    I am impressed that your feed stores vacinate for Mareks, the ones in this area never do. I am glad you take this disease seriously. There is a very sad Utube video showing how it can effect chickens.

    I vaccinate all the chicks I have hatched for Mareks. I buy the vaccine online and split it into 4 batches. I mix only 1/4 at a time as it will not keep more than a few hours. Google "vaccinating Mareks" and you will find many good resources to guide you. It cost about $19 plus shipping. I am frugal, but I love my birds, so I do it.

    This is the only vaccine I use, but I do give them medicated feed for the first few months. Good luck!
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    I just want to put in my two cents about Marek's as you are looking into vaccinating. I didn't vaccinate for anything, I kept my flock very clean, had them on an organic diet, and free ranged them.
    At 6 weeks my favorite silkie pullet got Marek's, which I didn't realize as such until she fell down at 4 months. I've been treating her like a toddler on & off since that time, and it looks like 4 months later, she's recovering, walking & putting on weight, but she still stumbles, and she's brain damaged. She doesn't have any common sense about anything & she'll eat sand as readily as food, so I have to wire-cage her 3 times a day for an hour to get her to eat feed like the others do.
    Many Marek's victims don't make it, and the few who recover may not do so fully.
    I've since vaccinated my whole flock using the method kipper described, by splitting it into 4 batches. No one else, out of the 60 + chicken's I've raised since my sillkie, has gotten ill.

    Good luck.

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