Vaccinating Rabbits for parasites and other things...

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  1. Another thread exsisted where the OP was asking how to inject their rabbit and it grabbed my attention. I raise rabbits myself but I had never heard of vaxing them for anything.
    Since the OP of said post wants it locked I have decided to make my own for discussion of rabbit vaxes.

    Do you vax your rabbits? What for? With what product? How long have you been doing this? Any adverse side effects?

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    Mar 27, 2009
    We used to do injections to deworm. We used injectable Ivermectin for cattle, and did it sub-q. We've also done it orally and used other products in the water. Now we apply it on the skin over the shoulders, like you'd put Advantage on a dog or cat. It's simply a preventative measure. It's cheap, easy to do, and we've never had a single adverse reaction in our rabbits.

    A fun fact: there are no vaccines for rabbits currently approved in the U.S. The only other time I can foresee us giving a rabbit a shot is if it required some kind of antibiotic treatment that had to be administered via injection.
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    Jan 4, 2009
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    You know...

    I have zero rabbits. I did learn something though. After 18 years of raising chickens, I had a HORRIBLE disease killing my birds. Could not figure out what it was. Some were dying skinny, some were dying fat. NONE showed symptoms until they were dead.

    I opened them up and found nothing.

    I posted on here and Year of the Rooster asked me a VERY simple question. "Have you ever wormed your chickens?"

    After 18 years...not once had I EVER wormed my birds. It had been VERY wet that year, and more earthworms than ever had gotten into the birds' pen. I wormed ALL of my birds. I have yet to lose another since then. It only takes one time to understand how devastating one over-looked issue can become. I had simply never thought about worming. Vaccinating in my flock will not be happening, but prevention is the BEST method in my book.
  4. I have never wormed my chickens either...
    I give them pumpkin seeds when I have them as I have heard they have natural worming properites but I have never given them a de-wormer.
    What did you use for yours?
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    I don't vaccinate my rabbits. However, I recently treated mine with ivermectin .08% topically for ear mites. My one doe has them, so I treated her along with the others. I'm stillnot sure whether I will do this as needed or on a bi-yearly schedule. I do think tha i will do my chickens bi-yearly, since they seem to get lice about that often. I may do my rabbits on the same schedule. My rabbits are meat producers only--no showing here.

    I did come across this, and saved it to my favourites, just incase I ever need it.
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    Quote:Check out Glenda Heywood's posts on worming. She talks about what she uses, and says pumpkin seeds have been proven not to be effective.
  7. rodriguezpoultry

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    Jan 4, 2009
    Claremore, OK
    Quote:I used goat wormer actually!

    The worms in my flock were awful. I gave them SafeGuard goat wormer. 1:10 ratio (1 being the wormer, 10 being water). and gave 1cc of the mix to each of my LF birds, and .5 of the mix to the bantams.

    I now give the worming 2x per year.

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