VACCINATION QUESTION: Newcastle-Bronchitis

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    Nov 30, 2016
    Soooooo... I've decided to vaccinate my flock. I am aware that Florida has struggled with Newcastle and It seems logical after weighing pros and cons to just vaccinate. I'm trying to follow a reasonable vaccine schedule, and will be including Mareks and Fowl Pox, and MG.

    My goal is to be able to demonstrate a healthy flock somewhat- resistant or protected to common diseases in Florida. Eventually I hope to be a trustworthy small hobby breeder, and I'm considering NPIP. Anyway, here's an example of the schedules..

    I received the vaccines and was reading the information included with them. I have a question about one of them. The NewcastleB Vaccine has 10,000 doses. I don't have 10,000 birds. [​IMG]

    After rehydrating the Newcastle-Bronchitis Vaccine, does anyone know what the break down of dosing is for smaller flocks?

    The dosing given with the vial is:

    Add, full vial= 10,000 doses to volume of water: (2-8weeks old) 25-50 gallons. & over 8 weeks: 50-100 gallons.

    I have quart waterers for my brooding chicks, and gallon waterers for the outside flock.

    Also isn't there just a simple way to inject each bird, so that I know each one got the correct dose? Anyone have details on the breakdown for smaller waterers or administration by injection?
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    I'm not a Math Major, but I'm game to play.

    first thing I think we're going to need to know is how many birds you have, and how old they are.
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    Jul 3, 2015

    I need the vaccines do you know where I can obtain it? please? thank you

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