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    I'm really new to posting, but I have been browsing/searching/reading for some time. This site is wonderful!

    We are new to raising chickens (I grew up on a farm, but it's been years; hubby has no experience, but is excited and very motivated to start our flock). We've been planning and designing our coop/run setup for quite some time, and we start construction tomorrow. [​IMG]

    My question: I placed an order with an online supplier tonight for 30 chicks (15 layers/15 meat), and I had options to order two types of vaccinations: Marek's, and coccidiosis. I chose both (mainly because it is our first venture, and I would like to eliminate as much risk as possible as we first develop our flock). However, when I placed the order, it said that the coccidiosis vaccination was not available for deliver time of our order. Can anyone explain this?

    Also, does this mean that I should now feed medicated feed, as the chicks will not have been vaccinated for coccidiosis?

    Thanks in advance for your responses and comments -- all will be appreciated!

  2. You can use the medicated feed or not and just watch for signs of cocci. Having never had chickens on the property before it's unlikely that they will come down with it. Some add powdered milk to the chick starter to reduce the pH of the gut so cocci can't thrive too, as a more natural or non-drug way to protect the birds.

    The cocci vacine is a weakened strain of the parasite that is put in a gel that the chicks eat while in transport. If the gel is not all eaten by the time they get to you put that in the brooder with them and withold feed until they have taken that in.

    No idea why it's not available for your shipping date.

    Good that you got Mareks.

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