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    May 7, 2011
    Ive been calling around, and I cant find any vets that will vaccinate my chicks.... Wasnt really expecting to find one, but was really hoping I would. I found topics on here of poultry ones in each state but there arent any near me. They were not vaccinated before I got them, but I really want it done. Any idea where I could do this at? I live in west-central MN. Other places other than vets?

    I read around that people do it themselves but I have really no knowledge on chickens, and Id be afraid to do it because they are in a really feisty stage right now. If that is the only option, where would I get the supplies to do it? I am thinking for Mareks and other ones that are common. They are about 3 weeks old today.
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    Aug 24, 2009
    I vaccinate for Marek's the day after they hatch and then when they are 7 weeks old I vaccinate for Fowl Pox (regular boosters every 6 mos). I think I am going to start adding bronchitis to my regiment as well.

    You can purchase the vaccines at most feed stores. For Marek's it will vaccinate 1000 chicks so if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself at first, I would post in the Where am I? Where are you? forum and try to get a few people with birds together.

    A friend and I try to coordinate our hatches so that we can vaccinate together. I also divide the bottle into 4 usages (there are directions on here somewhere about how to do that) and we can vaccinate 250 chicks each time between the 2 of us, although we never have that many. It saves on costs and the extra hands really help.

    Good luck!

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