Vaccinatng chickens?

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    I am a first time chick owner and just came across another website recommending vaccines for chickens. Do you vaccinate your chicks? For what and when? Do they need annual vaccinations thereafter? Mine are almost at the two week mark now. How do you give a chick vaccines?
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    The only vaccine I've heard recommended widely is for Marek's disease. If you got them from a feed store or hatchery, chances are it's been done. But if your area isn't known to have it, there is likely no need. This is only given once, and never again. I used to have a link that told exactly how to do it but that page isn't up now.

    But if you are worried and do want to do it, the vaccine is available here
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    It might be best to contact your county extension office and find out what poultry diseases are prevelent in your area. Your state department of agriculture might have that info as well.
    Here's a link to vaccinations of small flocks:
    I do not vaccinate my birds. Some people around here vaccinate for fowl pox.
    Here's another link you might be interested in:
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