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    hopefully i selected the right images i am useing a cellphone and it was all blurry.
    ok so im am seeing diffrent things online about vaccines. do i have to repeat the newcastle vaccine every 30 days or just a few times? how many chickens do people have when its nessary to vaccinate? i am starting out with way too many chickens becouse i went over board on all the diffrent breeds i wanted but i know i will love them all. i most likely will end up with 50 chickens. becouse i want to keep a few roos. hopefully 3 roos will not fight if they have a bunch of girls to keep them busy. what do you all think? im so worried my birds might get sick.


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    Whether you vaccinate or not is personal preference. I don't, and I don't buy vaccinated birds. Make sure if you sell any you disclose that they have been vaccinated.

    Usually the only vaccine given/offered for noncommercial birds is Mareks, and you just pay a little more and the hatchery does it for you, as it (and the other vaccines, I believe) are very costly since they come in vials for a LOT of doses since they are sold to commercial hatchers.
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    I also don't vaccinate, but I try to buy birds vaccinated for Mareks from hatcheries. You will find that most people do not vaccinate, unless they have had a past problem, or unless there is a certain disease very prevalent in their area, such as fowl pox in tropical areas.One problem with vaccines is that some may need to be repeated at certain intervals. Researching each vaccine itself may give more info.
    Here is some reading for you about the subject:

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