Valbazen for reddish mites

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    Oct 19, 2012
    does anyone know if Valbazen gets mites on chickens?

    matter of fact, I'm confused with trying to figure out what kind of 'mites' we have. they are reddish in color, mixed in among all the feathers but clustered around the eyes and wattles.

    Are these fowl mites or the particular fleas that attach themselves?

    we have about 150 chickens in 5 large runs. we discovered these reddish 'mites' in a load of horse hay and suddenly they had invaded our runs. we've been fighting them over a year now by dousing them with insecticide poultry dust and spraying (with permectrin insecticide diluted for this purpose) the chickens, runs, dirt floor, nest boxes, walls, perches, every surface they come in contact with.

    we've dusted and sprayed repeatedly - sometimes more than 1/week - but to no avail. they keep coming back.

    any advice outside of burning the runs down?

    many thanks
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