Valbazen or Ivomec for worms and Scaly leg Mites?

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    Hello, I am looking to worm my ducks chickens and geese! reading up on the different kinds I came to a conclusion to go for Valbazen or Ivomec/Ivermectin. I would like to use Valbazen because it is a bit milder, but I have a mille fleur rooster that has an extreme case of scaly leg mites and he can hardly walk. the suckers have to go!!!!! I have read ivermectin/ivomec will kill scaly leg mites, I want to know if Valbazen will too!
    I want to worm for all kinds of worms too! So if ivermectin/ivomec is the way to go and does the most then I will use it! But if Valbazen covers the scaly leg mites and all worms then I will stay with Valbazen!!

    If anybody knows if Valbazen will work please inform me! And if anybody has any experience with these please do comment and tell me how it worked or didn't work! I need to worm all my chickens, ducks and geese, especially my Mille Fleur.
    For now I am soaking, scrubbing and oiling/Vaseline coating my poor little roosters legs!
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    Valbazen will not help with the scaly leg mites, but IMO it is the best wormer. The only other one dawg53 recommends is fenbendazole (Safeguard.) Ivomec is no longer considered particularly effective as a wormer. I has become largely ineffective. It will help with the leg mites, but so will coating the legs. Once you have scrubbed them as you have done, you can switch to Pam for convenience, or whatever is easy for you to apply.
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