Valentina sings the egg song for Katia

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    I have two beautiful black Orp girls, one of whom just started laying this week. Katia clucks and grumbles, but does not sing the egg song. She has, after much fussing around, scratching and rearranging of nesting materials, produced four lovely little eggs since Sunday. I thought it was odd she wasn't singing about it, but decided she had the right to be an individual. [​IMG]
    Yesterday, I heard the egg song, but it was coming from her friend Valentina, who was pacing back and forth in front of the coop, doing Katia's singing for her while Katia laid. Valentina has not laid yet, but she sure has the song down!

    Any one else had this happen?

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    My BR just started laying this past week and I've been waiting to hear the egg song from her. Yesterday, we were sitting by the coop/run and saw her disappear into the nest box for 5-10 min. After she went back into the run, I checked for an egg but the box was empty. 10 min. later, she sang the egg song while in the run. Then she went back into the coop and laid her egg in the nest box. She was totally silent after laying the egg. I guess she is a pre-egglaying singer!
  3. Oh yeah...I have one light brahma hen that practically stays in the coop in the mornings to sing the song for all the other girls who have wandered back in from the yard to lay.

    She has a very melodious voice apparently [​IMG]

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