Valentine's day sale! Handcrafted artisan soaps.

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    Jul 21, 2011
    This listing is for handcrafted soap using the cold process method of soap making.
    I accept Paypal. Cost is $5.50 per bar plus actual shipping.

    Currently on sale are (pictured from left to right):

    Chocolate Raspberry: Self-indulgence is what this soap was made for.
    Rich chocolate wrapped with sun-kissed raspberries will make you head for the shower as soon as you unwrap this luscious soap from it's beautiful packaging.

    Almond: This is an intense almond fragrance in a soap packed with natural cocoa butter.

    Cinnamon Hazelnut Mocha: Heavenly mocha is lightly intertwined with a hint of cinnamon and hazelnuts. Yummmmm.

    View my web-site for additional soap options at regular price.

    My soaps are made using Olive Oil (#1 ingredient), Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil (for lather), Avocado Oil, and Safflower Oil. Some soaps, like those listed here, also contain natural cocoa butter. I use additives such as clays, goats milk and oatmeal. Some soaps also contain beautiful botanicals. Each bar weighs a little over four oz.

    My soaps are gentle to your skin and will leave you feeling clean and soft.
    Check out My Philosophy tab (on my site) for more information on why I make my soaps the way I do.
    Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I am happy to offer selection advice for your individual skin care needs.

    Shipping fees are actual and I ship USPS Priority Mail.

    Kindest regards,
    M. Snyder Specialty Soaps

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