Value ratio between cockerels and pullets

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  1. NTBugtraq

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    I am looking for your opinion on the ratio between cockerels and pullets when it comes to selling them. I know the average price of a cockerel in my area, how many times more than that price should a 6 month old pullet be?

    For example, if a cockerel of my breed is $20, should a pullet be $80, $100??
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  2. Texas Kiki

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    I would guess closer to $30.
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  3. sylviethecochin

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    It truly depends on breed. In my area, a mixed breed laying hen goes for fifteen dollars. A mixed rooster? Nada. You can't give some of them away.

    Meat roosters are worth as much as/more than meat hens, fancy roosters can be worth more than hens, and Laying roosters are worth a fraction of what hens are.
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    I sold a nice Spitzhauben rooster for $5. I felt lucky to find a buyer. Many at the swap were selling roosters for $3. You might get $20 for a laying hen, but likely not here.
    Now if yours are show chickens, that's a different category.....
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  6. NTBugtraq

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    Well, I was trying to avoid asking for a specific price, as prices vary (I'm in Canada, so even currency varies).

    Anyway, these are very good looking Black Copper Marans. How many times more valuable is a 6 month pullet to a 6 month cockerel?
  7. sylviethecochin

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    Jun 14, 2017
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    4-6x, in my area.
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  8. Sneebsey

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    It really depends on the breed. With mixes, I often give the prettiest, nicest ones away to local farmers & backyard keepers who want a gentle boy around, and butcher the rest; there's just no use to them for many people.

    With purebreeds, it's entirely different. I am friendly with an Araucana breeder, from who I have two lines of Black Araucana. A few months ago, she asked if I could sell her one of the extra cockerels I had hatched from her own eggs, and she refused (I have two of his brothers and said she could have him for free) to take him for anything less than £20, which is the same price she sells her POL pullets for; a good pure-breed cockerel is going to contribute his genes to all of the chicks from that breeding pen, so is worth just as much, if not more than a hen of the same breed.
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