Variety of Bantam Roosters in NW Oregon

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    Mar 12, 2015
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    I have a variety of bantam roosters that could use new homes. Currently, they're hanging out together in a bachelor pad, so not in a rush to get rid of them, I just think they would be a lot happier with some ladies to attend to! None of them are aggressive to people, in fact many of them are very sweet and kid-friendly. Some are downright lap roos! They range in age from 5 months to 1.5 years.

    So if you're looking for any of the following in the NW Oregon/SW Washington area, please contact me. I'm happy to take pictures of any you might like to see.

    Cochins (4): Black, Partridge (2), Buff
    D'Uccles (2): Golden neck, Mille Fleur
    Old English Game Bantam (1): Blue, with some red leakage on shoulders
    Beardless Silkie (1): White

    On the buff cochin- he's named Henry, and I would be happy to give him to a good home for free. He was hand raised by a family who had five children under the age of 8, but lived in the suburbs and couldn't keep him once he started crowing- I took him as a favor. He is the sweetest and most laid back little rooster I have ever seen- totally calm with kids, and will fall asleep in your lap. Unfortunately, he's a lot less dominant than the other roos so he gets picked on a lot. I'd love to see him go to a good home where he can just be his chill self. :)

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