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    Apr 17, 2012
    I am looking to get 20 hens that give the largest variety of colors of eggs, so perhaps 10 breeds of hens? Can anyone suggest the best 10 who could survive well in temps ranging outside from 80F-10F which would give me 10 different colors of eggs?
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    Ameraucana's or Araucana's - blue eggs (not from hatchery's or feed stores, from a real breeder)
    Easter Eggers - light greenish blue egg (these are what hatchery's & feed stores call Ameraucana's)
    Olive Eggers - Marans or other dark brown egg layers x bluish/greenish egg layers
    Black Copper Marans - dark brown egg layers
    Barnvelders or Welsummers - medium dark brown eggs
    Barred Rocks/Rhode Island Red - standard brown egg
    Wyandotte - cream eggs
    Leghorn/Blue Andalusion - white eggs

    Some of these breeds do have a single comb, which I might be nervous about in temp's as cold as you list. You might search out a state thread in the Where are You section and see if this is a problem in your area. Single Combs are prone to frost bite. I may try to look for breeds with pea or rose combs instead, but the darker brown egg layers all have the single comb.

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