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    I understand this sub Forum is mainly for other kind of fowl, but I'm selling mostly ducks and it seems kind of silly to make another thread for the few chickens I'm also selling... If the mods have any problem with this gladly inform me.

    The situation: Things have gotten tight at home and we have a little too much animals at the moment. I'd rather not eat them and let them live happily in a new home as they are rather young at the moment. (Though what you do with them if you purchase them it's your business) Because of this I am selling a variety of domestic fowl and giving out for free a couple for every purchase you make.

    I am currently selling:

    4 White Chinese goslings $15 each. (They are actually about 14-15 weeks old) I am not sure on their sex, but I am almost sure I have 2 boys and 2 girls by their size difference and behaviour. You are welcome to confirm when visiting.

    3 Buff orpington male ducks $9 each. (These are about 16 weeks old) If you buy 2 of them I'll throw in a free Buff Orpington female duck. (Same age as the males)

    2 Gray Runner Male ducks $10 each. (16 weeks) Buy them both and I'll throw in a noisy Brown female runner duck.

    A pair of White Pekin ducks $18 for both. (These are around 19 weeks, female is almost ready to lay)

    2 Fawn and white male runner ducks $9 each. (16 weeks)

    6 bantam chickens $5 each. I really dont know what kind they are because I purchased them straight run. There are 2 whites (one who is a Silkie), 3 blacks, and a red one. Luckily it seems all of them are girls, so they are a great a fun addition to any farm. For every 2 you buy I'll give you one of the banties for free, so buy 4 and you get the other 2 for free! (These are all about 12 weeks old)

    5 Standard Easter egg Roosters $5 each. (These are all around 14-15 weeks old) For every 2 that you buy I will give you a free female Easter Egger hen.

    4 Light Brahma Roo's $5 Each. (14-15 weeks old) Same offer as before, for every 2 you buy I'll give you a free female.

    3 French Black Copper Maran Male Chicks $8 each. (These are about 4 weeks old) Buy them all and I'll let you have a female FBC Maran.

    They are local pick up only obviously. I dont have boxes or cages to loan or anything like that so if interested please remember to bring the means to transport the animals safely to your destination.

    Don't bid, Send me a pm if you are interested.

    I am located in Central Florida FYI.
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