Various Geese/Ducks need to find a home! They are free!

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    Nov 8, 2009
    The situation: Things have gotten tight at home and we have a little too much animals at the moment. I'd rather not eat them and let them live happily in a new home as they are rather young at the moment. (Though what you do with them if you take them it's your business) Because of this I am offering for free a variety of domestic fowl.

    I am currently giving out for free:

    4 White Chinese goslings. (They are actually about 14-15 weeks old) I am not sure on their sex, but I am almost sure I have 2 boys and 2 girls by their size difference and behaviour. You are welcome to confirm when visiting.

    3 Buff orpington male ducks. (These are about 16 weeks old)

    2 Gray Runner Male ducks. (16 weeks)

    A pair of White Pekin ducks (These are around 19 weeks, female is almost ready to lay)

    2 Fawn and white male runner ducks. (16 weeks)

    If interested please message me.

    These are local pick up only, and I am located in Florida.

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