Various Layers x Salmon Faverolles Rooster 12+ Eggs

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    My girls are laying like mad!! This is for a dozen plus hatching eggs from my layer flock, which includes the following hens:

    Gold Laced Wyandotte (2)
    Silver Laced Wyandotte (1)
    Buff Orpington (1)
    Barred Plymouth Rock (1)
    Blue Wyandotte (1)
    Black Australorp (1)
    Easter Eggers (4)

    These ladies live with a very "active" Salmon Faverolles rooster! [​IMG]

    I will add a couple extras, and if I have some available, I will add in a couple of pure Salmon Faverolles eggs as well.

    If you'd like, I can also sub-in some bantam eggs into this mix. In that coop, there are the following hens: 1 blue Silkie, 1 lavender Silkie, 1 mille fleur Belgian d'Uccle, 3 black bantam Ameraucanas. Rooster: black bantam Ameraucana.

    If you are interested, just PM me, don't "buy it now". Also PM for different quantities. Thanks!!

    Here's one of the chicks that hatched from this mix last week...

    [​IMG] She hatched from a Wyandotte egg, has 5 toes and feathered legs, white chest, and is yellow with medium brown fluff on the back of her neck. [​IMG]




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