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    Fire Sale – LGD – Poultry – More – Monticello, Arkansas

    Our thirtysomething neighbor, with no children, has filed a complaint with our land owner (we own our mobile home). Seems our children are too loud, our dogs bark too much and our juvenile chickens escape and come into his yard. This is the neighbor who has not spoken to us in the 18 months we have lived here. Our poultry pens all have lots of grass and we must actually mow them. Yet, our neighbor thinks we have too many birds. The land owner is demanding we sell some birds. Though our lease allows us to have them (I wrote the lease) my wife is afraid we will get evicted. So….

    We are offering for immediate sale:

    Flock of Heritage and Exhibition Quality Buckeyes. We have two males and 5 females available. These have won numerous awards. These are available as a flock: $300. Or in trios: $150 per trio.

    Flock of Buff Ducks. These are Heritage and Exhibition Quality. “Arnold” is from Superior Farms and has won several Best of Breed awards. He is about two years old. The remainder are from Metzer Farms and have won Reserve Breed. They were hatched 10-11-2010. They are very productive, laying from 200+ eggs per year. These are top exhibition quality. There are a total of 3 drakes and 5 hens. These are available as a flock, trios or as a pair.

    Flock: Buyer takes flock for $400

    Arnold and hen: $150

    Trios: $150

    Flock of Buff Chanteclers. We have 4 hens and 5 pullets ranging from 2 months to about 4 months old. The pullets are part of our Buff Chantecler improvement project. We have a male we special ordered on 2/2011 from Ideal Poultry. He is a pure Buff Chantecler.
    Flock of Buff Chanteclers: $130

    Buddy, Poultry Livestock Guardian Dog. Registered Anatolian Shepherd (his papers were lost by previous owner). Intact proven breeding male. He sired 10 pups his first litter. We are keeping one pup, a female. The pup has already shown great signs as a livestock guardian. We do not have the room at present for him to reach his full potential. In the photo Buddy is on the left. $1500.00 or best offer. We are looking for a registered male Anatolian pup to replace Buddy. It would be placed with Sadie to be her mate.

    Five children, a bit rowdy….well maybe not yet. Just wondering what the neighbor will complain about next. We live on 2+acres several miles from town in an agricultural area. The farm behind us is for sale, $180,000. Maybe a broiler farmer will buy the place and build several broiler houses directly behind the neighbor. Or a hog farm will go in…. Any hog farmers with 10 kids want to buy a 40 acre farm?

    Delivery is available for round trip cost of fuel. We will ship; however, we assume no liability with shipping. Shipping boxes are available at Shipping boxes, postage and fuel cost is not included in price quoted.

    We are NPIP 71-0621.

    Feel free to email us at [email protected] or phone us at 870/723-3724. We can respond to your questions faster by phone. We have “swapped” some eggs and still need a few to fill those obligations. We would need the buyer of the ducks and Buckeyes to assist in this obligation as part of the selling price. (We would cover the egg shipping cost. Is only for about three dozen.) We are keeping the remainder of our flock and our started LGD, Sadie.

    Contact us to purchase. We can send a PayPal invoice specific to your purchase.




    We have sold Sheba (working LGD) and will be delivering her on June 28 to near New Orleans, LA. We can transport anything else we sold FREE of transport fee if you can meet us on this trip. We will be driving from Monticello, Arkansas; near Greenville, MS; Vicksburg, MS; Natchez, MS; Baton Rouge, LA to New Orleans.


    Note: We are also dealers for American Steel Carports and Buildings. Our barns (carports) are being used with goats, sheep, etc from Pennsylvania to Arkansas! Starting as low as $595 for a 12x21.

    We also custom build backyard coops.
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    We will continue to breed and exhibit our Heritage Exhibition Orpingtons in Buff, Black, Blue and Self Blue (Lavender) along with Chocolate Muscovy Ducks and Bantams of various breeds.
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    Jim I'm so sorry about your neighbor [​IMG] What a poor sport! I hope all of these animals find homes as great as yours!

    p.s. I have 4 kids (soon to be 5) and I get 'special' treatment too [​IMG]
    Some people just don't get it.
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    they dont let people take hatching eggs in the airplane because
    they say they are liquid i dont know if they let the people
    take chickens in the airplane and what would be the fee
    i like your orpington chickens or maybe when its cooler i could
    purchase some eggs from you
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    God Bless you guys! [​IMG]
    I hope everything turns out happy for you.
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    Quote:I send, with documentation up the wazzooo carried eggs on airplanes. Get your documentation form the USDA

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