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I have a variety of poultry for sale. Instead of making lots of individual posts, I'm including pics of everything here. Please e-mail me with any questions. I am located in the Piedmont area of NC.


Male Turkey's 8 months old - $20.00 each





Silver Grey Dorkings - Rare - 7 months old- $20.00 per pair.





Interesting mix - French Cuckoo Marans w/feathered legs bred with White Silkie - $5.00 per pair
Thank you! I'm probably 45 min from Sanford, maybe a little more. I believe you would take 220 to 64.
My sister lives in Sanford. I'm in Richmond. I could probably swing a trip down there, but it would be a couple of weeks out. I'd only want one or two of them. Would that work for you? Are they BBB or Standard?
Sure if I still have them, that's no problem. They are big pets and readily eat out of my hands, very sweet. I guess they would be considered standard. They come from Black Spanish & Bourbon Red parent's.
Nice! I am new here and this is my first post. I am actually located in Kernersville, NC and am interested in a rooster. I have 2 hens and am a newbie/hobbyist. Do you have a rooster available? My hens are only 4-6 months old. Thanks!
Hi there.
I'm in Greenville NC and I am desperately seeking a replacement Silkie rooster. Mine was killed Sunday and my 2 silkie ladies are
miserable without him. Don't care what color, don't care about showing or breeding them. I just have them to love and maybe to make some cute little silkie babies to keep for myself one day. The girls are about 6 mths old and the boy would need to be at least that I'm guessing. Have any ideas? I'm willing to drive from the coast to mid-piedmont/Raleigh area.

Also, what town are you located in? Would like to have a few other hens and wondered if you let folks come and browse your stock.
Would be a weekend visit if visits are allowed.

Thanks a bunch.
reach me directly at
[email protected] if you like.
Hi there,

I don't have a silkie rooster, something got mine earlier this year, which is very sad. I have a friend who has Silkies, she lives near Winston-Salem, as do I. I'll check with her to see if she has any for sale if you like, just let me know. I have some French Cuckoo Marans/Silkie mix roosters that are very handsome, but of course, they aren't purebred.

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