Various young cockerels ftgh


8 Years
Mar 19, 2011
Aiken, SC
I have two Barred Rock hens, good layers, for sale. I need to make room for chicks purchased earlier this spring.

One 1bt 12 wk old Blk & Silver Sussex roo.

I also have two young wheaten Marans cockerels - abt 10-12 wks old.

There are also 2 Cochin x Silky cross Frizzle (or curly, if you prefer) for sale. They are about 3.5 mos old and is crowing.

I would like to trade any/all of the above for a young Silky or Cochin (LF) pullet. Any color - I just need a broody hen.
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I was just about to post that I was looking for 2 Barred Rock hens! And yours was the first thread when I opened the BST forum! And I'm in Aiken! When can I come get them?

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