Varmint got a dozen


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5 Years
Apr 5, 2014
Thought I had a well built coop. Last night dogs were barking, (not unusual), this am Coop destroyed, birds dead, 100 yds from coop, not eaten. 6 cornish x. No sign of 6 bantams yet. Fox? Can't figure what got past dogs. They protect the birds


6 Years
Jan 27, 2013
Northern Wisconsin
Hard to say without knowing anything about your coop, mine is a regular 12x12 shed that I can walk in, stick built with wood walls and floors, nothing is going to destroy that coop short of a grizzly bear and we don't have them here, unless your coop was a light build out of chicken wire or something I can't see a fox tearing it apart, and if your birds are laying everywhere not eaten it sounds like a dog attack to me. Large dogs would be able to tear stuff up far more easily than any fox as well.

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