Vaulted Silkie Sculls

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    So, I think on of my chicks have a Vaulted scull.

    I was just looking on a few BYC pages on them....all old from either 09 or 10.......sooooo, with that said,

    Are vaulted sculls BAD for silkies? do they give the bird a disadvantage in a show? is it caused from inbreeding? could a vaulted bird be bred and not give vaulted babies?

    the main question: are they good or they caused from the same reason of crossed beaks?
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    Silkies with very large crests (like the ones from breeders and who win at poultry shows) usually have a vaulted skull, I have read.

    They have a soft spot like a baby and are easily injured there. Hence wry neck/crookneck problems in silkies.

    However, I am not sure how many silkies have no vaulted skulls. I have noted that even in silkies without very large crests, they are still susceptible to wry neck from pecking. has an article entitled "crookneck" and "silkie skull" if you want to look at their website under articles.

    Crossed beaks are a defect. The vaulted skull is just a part of silkie anatomy as far as I know.

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