Vegetable Oil in Ear & Now INFECTION?


9 Years
Mar 5, 2011
NorthEast PA
Hi! I have an 18 month old Dominique who I discovered had lice/mites. Upon further inspection, I noticed a tiny red critter coming out of her ear which also had a "scab" near it. I treated her with poultry dust and then put a few drops of vegetable oil into her ear to smother the critters. Within a few days, her ear, neck, & wattles are swollen and still are. She is eating FF like a little piglet, alert, & her poops look ok.

BIG QUESTION: Could the vegetable oil have caused an ear infection?

I gave her tetracycline for 5 days with little to no improvement and now I'm giving her 1/2 cc Tylan 200 orally and 1/2 cc penicillin injected.
but I wonder if there might have been something in there that I missed and the oil made it worse. Now she has some kind of infection.

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