Vent Prolaspse- Is it too Late?!

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    May 10, 2014
    Hi All!
    I noticed the past two days some blood on some of our eggs. My husband told me last night one of the chickens "insides were coming out"! I went up to look and sure enough it was a prolapsed vent.
    It seems to be protruding pretty good and looks like shes been pecking at it. Most of her feathers are gone on her backside! She was in the middle of a molt (don't know if this is what caused the molt). I separated her and put her in a dog crate in my basement,
    I tried soaking her last night and cleaned the area as best I could. There are some scabs and poop stuck on the tissue. I was able to push it back in, and it would stay in until she pooped causing it to come back out. I used honey and petroleum jelly..doesn't want to hold.

    Unfortunately, I had to go to work this morning but it is back out again this morning. I gave her some greens and fruit and she ate that right up along with drinking a bunch of water.
    I had noticed that the area seems to be leaking fluid...possible vent gleet? WHAT A MESS!

    I would love to help her but I don't know if it is too late. I can only soak her and try to push it back in once a day when I get home from work, I am not able to be with her all day unfortunately. Some advice would be great!
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    There are some great tips on this site, if you search for prolapse. I'd suggest you try Prep H as it shrinks the tissues. If bloody, it may have attracted pecking from the other girls.
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    Jun 18, 2013

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